2nd Chance Rentals - For anyone who has recent or multiple rental issues due to monetary problems or unfortunate experiences.

Lease BuyOut Program

Are you tired of paying rent, experiencing rental rate hikes and dealing with difficult landords? Are you ready to purchase a new home and start building equity today but feel trapped in your current lease? If so, Signature Homes Realty has the perfect solution for you!

Signature Homes Realty's lease buyout program could buy you out of your lease and help you get into a new construction home at no cost to you!

Basic Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be currently leasing an apartment/house or condo.
  2. Must choose to use Signature Homes Realty to represent them on the purchase of the new construction home from a participating builder.
  3. Commission from the purchase must not exceed the amount required to by the client out of the lease.
  4. So, if you are tired of paying rent and want to experience the benefits and pride of homeownership, then Signature Homes Realty's Lease Buyout program is perfect for you.